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Jenon is a character appearing in the game "Blaze Union".


First Person PronounBoku (僕)
Primary CardItem Break

His voice actor is Shinji Kawada, and his theme is "The Way of Wit".


Garlot and Siskier's childhood friend, a noble boy who ran away from home a few years before the story starts. Has a thin build and is tall. Has blue hair and blue eyes.

He has a facetious personality and a weakness for girls, but he is also intelligent and has received a good education, and serves as Gram Blaze's tactician.

He is jealous of Nessiah, who is in a similar position to his, and the two of them don't get along.

Tries to act like a gentlemen, but actually can't read the atmosphere worth anything. The two biggest victims are Siskier and Nessiah.

Also serves as Byff's straight man.

Behind his habitual silliness, he appears to have some complicated feelings about his family, which he has kept a secret from Garlot and Siskier.

During battle, he uses a sword.

His Skill "Item Break" destroys the enemy's equipment and temporarily weakens them.

Due to Medoute mishearing his name on two separate occasions, fans have affectionately nicknamed him "Junon".

Also, due to Item Break having been powered up since the previous work, he is also occasionally called "the useful Astral Fencer".


He has feelings for Siskier, but she never notices, and Jenon himself never confesses. According to the game staff, this is because he's too shy.

He can become a fairly powerful character when raised, but in route A he leaves the party and betrays his friends, in route B the player must prioritize raising Aegina (who has similar abilities) because she is automatically deployed, and in route C he dies, so you could say he's somewhat difficult to use.

He's a very popular character amongst the game's staff, and as a result, he's babied quite a bit in the story. (Wait a second.)

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