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Eater is a character appearing in the games "Blaze Union" and "Gloria Union".


First-Person PronounWatakushi (私), Ore (オレ)
Primary CardNone

Their voice actress is Minori Chihara; their theme songs are "Powerfully, Fleetingly, Brightly" (Blaze Union) and "Beautifully, Fiercely" (Gloria Union).


A self-proclaimed minstrel. Their personality changes based on the time of day, with a female persona during the day and a male one at night.

A weirdo fallen angel(?) who fluttered down from Asgard. The reason they left their homeland is completely unknown.

Ostensibly, they're traveling "in search of strong men", but they never tell anyone their true objectives.

They're certainly extremely suspicious, but aren't thought to be evil.

Normally they wear Gothic-style clothing, but night!Eater hates that. His opinion seems to be "She's the one who puts the clothes on in the morning, what do you want me to do about it?", but when asked, he's nothing but complaints.

They appear to be acquainted with Nessiah.

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