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Aegina is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union", "Yggdra Unison", and "Blaze Union".


Age15 → 18
Height159cm → 162cm
First-Person PronounWatashi (私)
Primary CardRevolution

The voice actresses who have portrayed her are Tomoko Fujino ("Yggdra Union") and Mai Nakahara ("Blaze Union")

※The left side are her settings in "Blaze Union".


A citizen of the New Bronquian Empire. A warrior with the name of "Phantom Valkyrie"; captain of Gulcasa's personal guard. She has power on the same level as the Five Dragon Generals, and she is said to have guided the Imperial Army to many victories.

She has the same blond hair and blue eyes as Yggdra, and her hair is tied in a single braid.

Also, speaking of Yggdra, Aegina seems to have some kind of grudge against her, but......


Her full name is "Aegina Eine Artwaltz", and she is one of Yggdra's older sisters.

She moves in tandem with her older twin sister Luciana, but the two of them look exactly the same to those who can't differentiate between them. The Imperial Army implements this in their strategies, which has allowed them to grasp many victories.

She and Luciana are together called the "Twin Valkyries".

In the capital city of Fantasinia, Paltina, there is a grave for the two princesses on the other side of a certain lake.

According to the townspeople, those graves belong to "a pair of twins connected to the royal family" who lost their lives in some kind of tragedy, and they will rest in that place eternally.

Aegina and Luciana do not explain the truth in the main game, but the sisters' circumstances are explained in "Blaze Union", which was released later.

Aegina in "Blaze Union"

She joins the party in Chapter 2.

Her theme is "Why I Swing This Sword".

In contrast with her ferocity in the previous game, here she has a plain personality, and is a quiet and mature girl.

An underground organization called the "Blessed Papal Army" aims to kill her, and she is rescued by Garlot when her foster father Albelt has been killed and she herself is surrounded by enemies.

Afterward, she and Luciana join Gram Blaze.

However, because Luciana has a leg injury, only Aegina is a unit capable of battle.

She is a sub-heroine in the scenario, and in the B route that explains the twins' past, she becomes the protagonist.

In this game, she inherits Yggdra's famous "Come Near Me And I'll Kill You!" line.

B Route Spoilers Below
Aegina was born as a princess of Fantasinia, but immediately after her birth she was targeted by assassins, and she was saved by a certain old soldier and brought to Imperial territory.

She was adopted and raised by Albelt there.

However, the twins continued to be targeted, and they resent the parents who didn't protect them and the younger sister who became their "replacement", living with the goal of one day getting revenge against them.

At the beginning of the B route, Luciana is killed by the Blessed Papal Army, and Aegina charges off to Fantasinia alone, unable to bear her pain any longer.

And Garlot, who cannot abandon a friend, leads Gram Blaze and pursues her.

In their attack against the kingdom, they finally reach the capital city of Paltina, and there the reason the twins were abandoned is finally explained.

Basically, the culprit was not King Ordene, but the royal minister and leader of the Blessed Papal Army, Alanjame.

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