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Yggdra Union

"Yggdra Union" is a strategy RPG created by Sting. It was released for the GBA in 2006 and the PSP in 2008.

Dept. Heaven Episode II.

You may be lulled into a sense of security by Satoko Kiyuduki's charming character designs, but between the genre-busting game system, newbie-killer difficulty, and completely merciless story, this is what they call a book that can't be judged by its cover.

See also the spinoff game Yggdra Unison and the direct prequel Blaze Union.


In the midst of the vast continental world was a kingdom called Fantasinia. This country was ruled by a royal family believed to be descended from the gods. After several eras of rule by wise kings, the kingdom enjoyed a golden age.

However, in the time of the 31st monarch King Ordene, the kingdom was suddenly attacked. The youthful Emperor Gulcasa of New Bronquia, who had deposed his predecessor by force, led his elite troops in an assault on Fantasinia. Unable to withstand the Imperial Army's overpowering strength and skill, the Royal Army's divisions were crushed one after another. Fantasinia lost a vast amount of territory, its citizens were thrown into confusion... and finally, the King himself was killed.

And in the midst of the chaos, a single girl fled the fallen capital of Paltina. She was about 16 or 17 years old, with naivete still apparent in her facial features, but she held a great sword in her hands. That sword's name was the "Gran Centurio", a legendary weapon passed down by the royal family, said to have been the cornerstone upon which Fantasinia had been founded.

The girl's name was "Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz". With the last hope of the royal family in her hands, she will reach the very southern tip of the continent. And with the thief boy Milanor she meets there, she will begin her battle to reclaim her homeland...

List of Chapters

Chapter 1The Fugitive Bearing Hope希望を手に追われる者
Chapter 2Lost Days失われた日々
Chapter 3Paltina Blitzkriegパルティナ電撃戦
Chapter 4Yggdra in Chains囚われのユグドラ
Chapter 5Truth and Sin, Light and Shadows光と影にたゆたう罪と真実
Chapter 6Gran Centurioグラン・センチュリオ
Chapter 7To the Land of the Sleeping Dragon竜の眠る最果ての地へ
Chapter 8Bronquia Showdownブロンキア決戦
Chapter 9Battle on the Requiemバトル・オン・ザ・レクイエム



What serves as a unit's HP. At the end of a battle, the attack power of the victor's Tactics Card (see below) determines how much the loser's Morale is lost. When Morale reaches zero, a unit will either die or retreat.

On the other hand, so long as Morale doesn't reach zero, no matter how many times a unit loses it can still fulfill its role as a pawn on the game board. But for the player's units, in order to endure the length of the game (about 48 stages), proper care must be taken to conserve Morale and restore it when necessary.


An automatically activated system that allows for group battles.

Technically speaking, battles are held one-on-one between two adjacent units, but in the case that units are in the proper formation with the initiator of combat (X for male leaders, + for females) then each of these units will have a one-on-one battle with the next unit in the enemy's lineup.

Up to five units can join a Union, meaning that five battles may be held per turn. In the case that one side has fewer units in their Union than the other, then units who previously fought will be forced into successive battles with the new opponents in the original order of the Union.

Tactics Card

Objects that are used as part of the player's strategy at a rate of one card per turn. If the player cannot complete the map objective before all the cards are used up, this causes a Game Over.

The cards also determine how much Morale damage victories cause, how many squares the player can move, and what Skill is available.


From the game's initial release, it was thought to take place in the same universe as Riviera: The Promised Land. This was confirmed when Knights in the Nightmare was released and all three games were stated to be in the Dept. Heaven series.

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Royal Army

Yggdra Milanor Durant Nietzsche
Roswell Rosary Russell Cruz
Elena Kylier Mistel Pamela

Imperial Army

Gulcasa Nessiah Emilia
Aegina Luciana Leon
Baldus Zilva Eudy
Monica Canaan


Marietta No. 367
Emelone Ishiene
Mizer Inzaghi


Come Near Me And I'll Kill You I'll Come Kill You
How 'Bout A Night Attack?
You Meddlers


Night Attack
Heretic Princess

Pairing Tags

M/F: MilaYgg MilaKyli DuraYgg RosRosa
M/M: GulNess
F/F: PameNiet

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