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Monica is a character appearing in the games "Yggdra Union" and "Yggdra Unison".


First-Person PronounAtashi (あたし)
Primary CardSanctuary

Her voice actress is Yui Sakakibara.


A citizen of the New Bronquian Empire.

In Chapter 7, she and her childhood friend Canaan form the "Anti-Palta Forces" in order to protect their beloved country and emperor from the Royal Army's invasion.

However, because they are civilians who have never received military training, she and her soldiers are all slaughtered in the Royal Army's attack.

Monica believes that she has received divine inspiration, and so she is thought to be based on Jeanne d'Arc.

She has a valiant personality, and is an ordinary cheerful girl.

Also, it is possible to visit her home village in "Blaze Union", but Monica herself does not make an appearance.

Monica in "Yggdra Unison"

Here, she is actually a member of the Imperial Army, and together with her proud allies, she wields her sword in order to grant Gulcasa's desire for a unified world.

She only appears in one map in the original game, but because she is a possible ally in "Yggdra Unison", there are more chances to observe her personality, likes, and dislikes.

Her skill level is fairly low because she is after all a civilian, but so long as she has good equipment she can be become a powerful unit.

Looking at her line "I want to be stronger..." from when she loses to the player, it is apparent that she strongly resembles Gulcasa in his younger days.

Unexpectedly, even Nessiah empathizes with Monica when seeing her frustrated with her own powerlessness, as he felt the same way long ago.

Finally, if you look closely, Monica is drawn on the left side of the game's key visual.

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