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No. 367

No. 367 is a character appearing in the game "Yggdra Union".


AgeAbout 15
First-Person PronounWatashi (わたし)
ClassThe Angelic
Primary CardJudgment Zero

Her voice actress is Mariko Suzuki.


An experimental Grim Angel who appears if certain conditions are fulfilled on Hard Mode in the PSP version. Her class is "The Angelic", and her weapon is the axe. She has an affinity with ice, and fights alone. Her special Skill Judgment Zero can do immense damage if measures aren't taken.

When the output of her Diviner is raised, her personality changes as if she has gone mad, and she becomes much more powerful.

Across the Dept. Heaven series, she has two fellow test subjects, No. 549 (Primea) and No. 1132 (Malice).

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