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Yggdra Unison

"Yggdra Unison" is an ASRPG developed by Sting, and is a spinoff game to "Yggdra Union".


Much in the vein of games like "Fate/unlimited codes", this is a game based around the question, "How would the original story change if this character were the protagonist instead?"

This game depicts the struggle of twelve separate protagonists to conquer the continental world. It is based on the theme of rival warlords. Unusually for a Sting game, it has a very high number of happy endings. In fact, it could be called the salvation of anyone left thinking "If only everyone could be happy!" after playing Yggdra Union and Blaze Union.

The twelve protagonists are Gulcasa, Yggdra, Milanor, Emelone, Roswell, Rosary, Ortega, Dort, Juvelon, Gordon, Pamela, and Nessiah.

VersionRelease DateCERONotes
Cell phone11/11/2007Unrated-
DS12/3/2009All agesNessiah route added, Mistel appears as a hidden character


Karona, Fantasinia's westernmost fortress, has fallen in Bronquia's sudden assault--

That news shocked not only Fantasinia, but the entire continental world. This proclaimed the end of the long golden age...

The battles increased little by little. All the powerful organizations of the world began military training in preparation for the decisive battles to come. This new world was truly a period of warring states.

The people were dragged into the maelstrom of war whether they liked it or not...

The strong leapt into the new world of steel and flame in order to satisfy their own desires...

One person knew this, and that person took weapon in hand, gazing into the chaotic world that they meant to change...


A drama CD adaptation was released in 2010, featuring short stories that center around Yggdra's royal army, Milanor's gang of thieves, and Gulcasa's imperial army.

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