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Saori Okuyama

Saori Okuyama (Tag name: 奥山沙織) is a girl who appeared in IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as one of the recruitable idols, under the Cute category.


3 SizesB:83 W:57 H:81
BirthdayJune 12
Blood TypeB
Dominant HandRight
Place of BirthAkita

Character Overview

Basically a girl who aren't too confident of herself.

She is a girl who spots a braid, huge light brown glasses, unkempt eye brows, and freckle face. She is also the only girl in the cute category that actually wears specs. She also has a unique reference, which she used "wadasu" (わだす), a Touhoku dialect which basically means "I", to refer herself. Her speech pattern seems to also leans towards her home dialect more.

Her idol form spots a huge change where she had her eye brows refined, her hair all loose, and a cleaner face. She will also remove her glasses, making her almost entirely a different person than before. Her glasses in her idol form are used as a necklace accessory, as seen in the game.

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