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A List of Works in the Kagerou Project

A list of the works in the Kagerou Project.


A list split off from the main Kagerou Project article due to its length. Visit the individual tags for specifics on each song.


OP: Children Record (Re Ver.)

A story of showing them what we've got.
A tale of children rising to action.
The main theme of the whole "Kagerou Project".


Episode One: Jinzou Enemy

A story of averting one's eyes.
The electrical girl's sad story.
"I, deep inside the screen" talks about "you".


Episode Two: Mekakushi Code

A story of hiding one's eyes.
A story of the activity of the city.
The Mekakushidan runs through the streets of town.


Episode Three: Kagerou Daze

A story that dazzles even one's vision.
You hear stories like this all the time in summer.
A boy and a girl repeat the 14th and 15th of August over and over.


Episode Four: Headphone Actor

A story of doubting one's eyes.
A story about the end of the world.
Guided by a voice coming from her headphones, a girl dashes through the dying world.


Episode Five: Kuusou Forest ※

A story of meeting each other's eyes.
A story about a daydreaming medusa.
A young boy visits a medusa girl at her house in the heart of the forest.


Episode Six: Konoha no Sekai Jijou

A story of sobering from one's delirium.
A story about a "person" coming to his senses.
The newly-created "I" watches as two children repeat the same summer day over and over.


Episode Seven: Kisaragi Attention

A story of captivating one's gaze.
A story an idol can't tell to anyone.
The girl abandons everything and heads out into the city.
She is an idol, and she has worries she cannot speak to anyone about.


Episode Eight: Gunjou Rain (Re Ver.)

A story one cannot get enough of.
A song of love from a certain mother to her daughter.
So that you may one day love the world with your own eyes.


Episode Nine: Yobanashi Deceive

A story of deceiving one's eyes.
A story about a creepy liar.
A tall tale by a boy who has turned into a lying "monster" after having his heart swallowed up.

Episode Ten: Lost Time Memory

A story burnt into one's eyes.
A story of neverending regrets.
The boy who has just turned eighteen clings to your unchanging smile.

Episode Eleven: Ayano no Koufuku Riron

A story that floats into one's gaze.
A story of memories that remain in the heart.
Let's keep wishing forever for those days when we played little hero games.

Unnumbered Episode: Toumei Answer

A story of not meeting one's eyes.
The boy already knows all the answers.
As he drifted aimlessly throughout his days, "you" always seemed to be having fun in the next seat over.

Unnumbered Episode: Ene no Dennou Kikou

A story of waking from one's dream.
"I", proclaimed a special exception, am torn mind from body and travel through electronics.

Unnumbered Episode: Shinigami Record

A story of gazing with love.
The story of a solitary monster, the boy soldier who fell in love with her, and the life they made together.
The monster, who couldn't bear "you getting older on your own", created a "neverending world".

Unnumbered Episode: Dead And Seek

A story of wide-open eyes.
"This future must be an illusion. It's okay, I'll bring you back for sure.
Even if that means ××ing everyone but you."

Unnumbered Episode: Yuukei Yesterday

A story of one's narrowed eyes.
"I" am irritated and glowering, and he waves and says "good morning".
I want to tell him about this weird, frustrating feeling before the sun sets.


Unnumbered Episode: Shounen Brave

A story told behind one's back.
A bullied boy who became able to look into people's hearts.
The person he met was a girl who waited softly for "today".


Unnumbered Episode: Otsukimi Recital

A story of making one's eyes sparkle.
You whisper "I think it might be beyond me to do anything now".
The story of an idol who sings with all her heart to save you.

Unnumbered Episode: Outer Science

A story in which eyes are the window to one's soul.
The story of a monster that looks down upon everything from above.
"This 'tragedy' of yours is so stupid it's putting me to sleep."

Final Episode: Marie no Kakuu Sekai

A story of closing one's eyes.
"No, I don't want this. I don't want to say goodbye to everyone!"
In order to gaze on tomorrow's skies with you, in order to meet the world I once dreamed of, I will surely repeat it over and over.


ED: Summertime Record

A story that made our eyes spin.
"I'm sure everyone still recalls the secret base and our grown-up plans.
One day, when she gives the signal again, I'm sure we'll--"


The original title of the original upload on Nico Nico Douga was "Souzou Forest", but on the indie album "Mekakucity Actors" it was included under the title "Mousou Forest", and the version on the major album "Mekakucity Days" is titled "Kuusou Forest".

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