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Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2 (ソニック ライバルズ 2) is a 2007 Sonic the Hedgehog racing video game by Sega.


Sonic Rivals 2 (ソニック ライバルズ2, Sonikku Raibaruzu Tsū) is a sequel to Sonic Rivals released for the PSP.
As it is a sequel, the game inherits the game system and atmosphere of the previous title, but has been upgraded with new stages, a fully voiced story, and more hidden elements. The number of player characters has also increased from the previous title to a total of eight.
However, like the previous game, this game was not released in Japan, and Amy Rose, who had appeared in the previous game, was the only character to be dropped (although she did not appear in the previous game as much), perhaps because it was deemed difficult to differentiate the two games.

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