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2k-tan (2kたん) is an OS anthropomorphic character that originated on Futaba Channel.
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Real NameNisen Madobe (ニセンまどべ)
NicknamesNT 5.0, Windows 2000-tan, 2k, 2K-san, Win2k
First Appearance2000/02/17 (Windows 2000 Release Date), 2000/02/18 (Release date in Japan)
System PersonifiedWindows 2000 Professional

2k-tan (2kたん, 2K-tan) is the personification of Windows 2000 Professional. 2k is customarily used as an abbreviation for Windows 2000, as k (kilo) = 1000.

She is the daughter of NT-mama of the Windows OS personification family and sister of Inu-T, 2k-kun, Me-tan, Me-kun, XP-tan, Homeko, Homeo, XP MCE-tan, XP-kun and sister of the Windows OS personification characters from then on.


The design is a mixture of the maid outfit, Japanese school swimsuit, knee-highs socks, and sometimes a shade of blue based off of the background color of the default Windows 2000 desktop.

She wears a blue coat with the four-colored Windows logo on the front, a dark blue school swimsuit-like bodysuit, blue knee socks, a blue ribbon tie around her collar, bobbed blue hair, and glasses as well as boots.

On her head she has a small white bonnet or ruffle like a maid with cat like ears as hairclips. The hairclips are a pun: "2K" in Japanese is "Ni-Ke", the meowing sound in Japanese is "nya".

An alternate design, known as Nyake (にゃーけー) shows 2k-tan having real cat ears and shoes (instead of mechanical cat ear-shaped hair clips), matching the color her swimsuit with a white tail and leggings. She also has a red cat collar with a bell on it and carries a red hammer around with her.

Another Nyake design has blue paws, still wearing glasses and hair (still with cat ears) having some white on the top to look like a maid headdress. You can see that design here


Nyake with her hammer.


She is often portrayed as competent but not playful, and as having an unrefined but serious personality. She is also recognized by both herself and others as a "reliable woman" who is a behind-the-scenes force and a career woman, so she is often placed in a role that is detrimental in some way, and because of her competence, she tends to be a somewhat unlucky girl.

She also plays the role of the eldest daughter since her older sister

She has a bad drinking habit and gets involved with Kakkou and Toshiaki when she gets drunk.

There were some stories that she was nervous about retiring from active use, but she finally ended her support on 2010/07/13.

Within H-content she is shown to like anal. This is because how the word 2k looks like the word butt within Japanese.


2k → 2k → k2 → ass → anal


She refuses to let Inu-T into her house because she fears that he will destroy it. The battle between the Inu-Inu-Dan gang led by Inu-T, who try to break into her house by any means, and 2k-tan, who tries to stop them, has become a kind of comedy.

She is also often portrayed or described as a guardian to Me-tan

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