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Assault Lily BOUQUET

Assault Lily BOUQUET is a TV animation based on the action doll series " Assault Lily ". Produced by Shaft.

Rhapsody of petals fluttering on the front line.


A TV animation series broadcast from October to December 2020. It is based on the "Assault Lily Project" action doll franchise.
Produced by Shaft and directed by Shōji Saeki. All 12 episodes.


Earth in the near future.
Humanity is on the verge of ruin due to the emergence of a mysterious being called "Huge".

The whole world is united in a single mission against the Huge, and succeeds in developing decisive battle arms called "CHARM", which brings together the power of science and magic.
The "Garden", an institution for training the girls who would become its users, the "Lily", was established in various parts of the world.

Riri Hitotsuyanagi, who was accepted as a substitute to Yurigaoka Girls Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in the Gardens, takes her first steps as a Lily to fight for the existence of humankind.

Riri took the entrance exam for this academy in pursuit of Yuyu Shirai, who had once saved her from a tight spot, and on her first day at school she has a chance encounter with Yuyu, but there is something different about her from the previous Yuyu.

The story of these girls, fighting fleetingly but beautifully, begins to blossom...


This is a TV animation work produced as part of the media mix project for the doll series Assault Lily, which began in 2013. Animation production is done by Shaft, known for Puella Magi Madoka Magica and other works.

Originally scheduled to be broadcast from July 2020, but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic; broadcast began in October 2020.
Broadcast stations include TBS, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Shin Hiroshima, TV Aichi and others, as well as BS-TBS and CS TBS Channel 1.
The streaming service was exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video for unlimited streaming, and rental streaming began sequentially on each streaming service (the exclusive release was later lifted, and as of 2022, the unlimited streaming service is available on each streaming service).

The director and series composition is by Shouji Saeki, known for directing "Wish Upon the Pleiades". Director Saeki is originally from GAINAX, but was offered the job by Shaft because he had been the main director of the GAINAX x SHAFT production "Mahoromatic".
Character design is by Mieko Hosoi. The original creator, Obanazawa, was a fan of the anime "Aiura" and approached Hosoi, who worked on the character design for the work.

This is the first Shaft-produced TV animation in 14 years, since the 2006 broadcast of "REC", without Akiyuki Shinbo, a leading creator of Shaft, being involved in the production in any way (director, general director, supervisor, animation supervisor, etc.).

In addition, the app game "Assault Lily Last Bullet", released on 20 January 2021, is linked to this work and shares a world setting among the multiple world settings (story setting differences between the series) of the Assault Lily Project. The story in Last Bullet is developed as a timeline after the final episode of the anime series.
For this reason, the first episode of the anime is shown in full on the initial download screen in the application.


Original story byKen'ei Obanazawa ( acus )
Animation ProductionShaft
Chief Director/Series CompositionShouji Saeki
Animation Character DesignMieko Hosoi
Sub Character DesignKazuya Shiotsuki
Assistant DirectorKeita Nagahara
Chief DirectionHajime Otani
Chief Animation DirectorsKazuya Shiotsuki, Sayuri Sakimoto, Kentaro Tokiwa
Action directorKanta Suzuki
CHARM DesignAkishino Denforword Hiyori
Huge DesignHiromichi Ishida
Art directorsKoji Maruyama, Marie Kitai
Color DesignerHitoshi Hibino
CG directorsKyohei Oikawa, Hisato Shima
Director of PhotographyTakayuki Aizu
EditingRie Matsubara
Sound directorToshiki Kameyama
MusicAkito Matsuda
ProductionAssault Lily Project

Theme songs

Opening theme

  • "Sacred world"

Composed by Junpei Fujita / Lyrics by Spirit Garden / Song by RAISE A SUILEN

Ending theme

  • "Edel Lilie" (episodes 1-4, 6-7, 10-12)

Composed by Shunryu / Arranged by Susumu Akizuki / Lyrics by Sasa Ando / Song by Hitotsuyanagi tai

  • "Heart+Heart" (ep 5)
Composed by John Kanda / Lyrics by Sasa Ando / Song by Riri Hitotsuyanagi & Yuyu Shirai (Hikaru Akao & Yuko Natsuyoshi)

  • "GROWING" (Episode 8)
Composed by Shunryu / Arranged by Yamato / Lyrics Sasa Ando / Song by Hitotsuyanagi Tai

  • "Mabataki" ('Blink') (Episode 9)
Composed by - Yamato / Lyrics by - Sasa Ando / Song by - Yuri Hitotsuyanagi (Miku Ito)

Episode List

EpisodeEpisode Title
Episode 1WATER LILY スイレン
Episode 2LILY OF THE VALLEY スズラン
Episode 3FORGET-ME-NOT ワスレナグサ
Episode 4FRAGRANT OLIVE キンモクセイ
Episode 5JADE VINE ヒスイカズラ
Episode 6VIOLET スミレ
Episode 7FREESIA フリージア
Episode 8CAMELLIA ツバキ
Episode 9COSMOS コスモス
Episode 10ANEMONE アネモネ
Episode 11LILY ユリ
Episode 12BOUQUET ブーケ

In addition, the title screen of each episode also displays the secondary subtitle of each episode, which is based on the language of flowers of the flowers in each episode.


Yurigaoka Girls Academy, Legion: Hitotsuyanagi (protagonist's group)

Legion led by the protagonist Riri. Formed in episode 6 of the anime.

Riri Hitotsuyanagi (CV: Hikaru Akao)

 Protagonist. She became a Lily of Yurigaoka Girls Academy because she admires Yuyu, who saved her in the past.

Yuyu Shirai (CV: Yuko Natsuyoshi)

 Another protagonist. One of the representative Lily of Yurigaoka and Riri's admirer.

Kaede Johan Nouvel (CV: Mikako Izawa)

 Daughter of French CHARM manufacturer Grand Guignol.
 As a member of a noble family, she has a fair and honest character that abhors cowardly means.

Fumi Futagawa (CV: Rimi Nishimoto)

 A first-year student and Lily Otaku.
 On her first day at school, she and Riri hit it off as fellow students who have been accepted as substitutes.

Tazusa Ando (CV: Risa Tsumugi)

 A first-year student with an atmosphere that doesn't attract people. Loves cats.

Mai Thi Yoshimura (CV: Haruki Iwata)

 Born in Vietnam. A second-year student who is close friends with Yuyu. She and Tazusa are fellow cat lovers.

Shenlin Kuo (CV: Sanagi Hoshimori)

 From Taiwan. She is aloof and has a strong sense of justice. She is concerned about her roommate Yujia, but...

Yujia Wang (CV: Hikaru Tono)

 An exchange student from Iceland. She is Shenlin's roommate.
 She has a complex about her superior sisters and lacks self-confidence.

Miriam Hildegard von Gropius (CV: Karin Takahashi)

 Born in Germany. A "Fighting Arsenal" belonging to the Arsenal Department.
 A mood-maker with a caring, old-fashioned tone.

Yuri Hitotsuyanagi (CV: Miku Ito)

 A girl with amnesia who was discovered by the LG Hitotsuyanagi during an investigation on the beach in episode 7.
 Because of her aptitude for Lily, she becomes a member of the LG Hitotsuyanagi.

Ichiban-tai (Álfheimr second generation)

A powerful Legion representing Yurigaoka Girls' Academy.

Soraha Amano

 CV: Minami Tsuda
 Captain of the Ichiban Squadron. A Lily with world-class abilities. Schutzengel of Kusumi.

Kusumi Egawa

 CV: Sayaka Harada
 Schild of Soraha. Loves her older sister.

Ichi Tanaka

 CV: Aya Suzaki
 Kusumi's roommate. In episode 8, she is competing with Miriam.

Araya Endo

 CV: Akira Sekine
 The ace of the Ichiban squadron. She has a belligerent personality. A troubled girl who tries to make a move on the girl of her choice without hesitation.

Ena Banshoya

 CV: Rika Tachibana
 Soraha's roommate.

Student council

Matsuri Hata

 CV: Tomomi Tanaka
 Substitute for 'Ortlinde', the student council president with three roles. Yuyu's roommate.

Shinobu Izue

 CV: Juri Nagatsuma
 Acting 'Brünnhilde', the three-person student council president.

Mayuri Uchida

 CV: Megu Sakuragawa
 "Zieglune", the three-person student council president.


Moyu Mashima

 CV: Inori Minase
 Second-year student in the Arsenal Department. Friend of Yuyu. She is close with Miriam.

Misuzu Kawazoe

 CV: Ayako Kawasumi
 She was a former Schutzenger of Yuyu.

Shiori Rokkaku

 CV: Rie Takahashi
 Riri's classmate.

Shizu Ito

 CV: Ayaka Nanase
 Riri's roommate.

Kougetsu Takamatsu

 CV: Jouji Nakata
 Acting chancellor of Yurigaoka Academy.

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