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Assault Lily Last Bullet

Assault Lily Last Bullet is a role-playing application game for smartphones from the Assault Lily Project.


Assault Lily Last Bullet is a role-playing app game from "Assault Lily project", an action doll series. It is available mainly for smartphones. It was released on 20 January 2021.
The PC edition is released on DMMGAMES (DMM GAMES PLAYER).

As of November 2022, a Japanese version and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia versions are available.

Game Genre

The genre of this game is a battle RPG. The game has an original newly-written story linked to anime "Assault Lily BOUQUET".
It features Live2D characters and illustrations with motion. The catchphrase is "RPG that feels the life".

Like other Assault Lily titles, the scenario and presentation of this game focuses on the 'yuri' element, with a strong emphasis on the relationships between the characters, and does not allow the player to intervene in the story.


Basically, the story takes place in the timeline after the last episode of the anime version.
In the game system, the following five types of story exist. Only the main scenario and self-introduction story are fully voiced. Event scenarios may be voiced only for important dialogue.

Main Story

The main scenario follows the interactions between the Hitotsuyanagi Squad, Hervarar and Gran Eple through their battle against the special type of Huge after the anime story, which takes place in the seaside Kamakura, but is expanded to include a wider range locations such as Tokyo urban areas.

Event Story

Event scenarios for a limited period of time.
Although it is labelled as an "Event", it often presents serious stories and important information related to the world development of Assault Lily, such as scenarios related to settings that were not recovered in the anime version. Basically, it consists of three to five episodes.

Memoria Story

Stories that can be unlocked by acquiring certain ☆5 Memoria cards.
Only the first half of the scenario can be previewed immediately after obtaining the card, but by upgrading the Memoria card you can read the story to the very end.
Some Memoria are linked to the event story, in which case the scenario begins after a warning that it touches on the heart of the event.

Legion Story

Story about each Legion.
Currently, up to five or six stories have been implemented for each of the Team Hitotsuyanagi , Hervarar and Gran Eple. The Legion story for Team Hitotsuyanagi is a restructured version of the anime series' story in smartphone-app format, with many scenes from the anime used in the story.
For the latter two, the events "Skjaldmær of Rebellion" and "Colourful Diary", which are themed around their respective formations, have been added as Legion stories.

Self-introduction Story

Stories in which the characters introduce themselves in the form of interviews.
You can watch the self-introduction story of the first character you select in the tutorial, and can also watch the stories of all characters from the Lily Profile section in the game.
In addition to mere self-introductions, characters may also appear as close friends to the character in the story (e.g. Yuyu and Kaede in Riri's story, Shenlin and Yujia in each other's self-introduction stories, Kanaho and Takane in both stories, etc.).


Playable Characters

Yurigaoka Girls Academy

  • LG: Hitotsuyanagi

Riri Hitotsuyanagi (一柳梨璃)
Yuyu Shirai (白井夢結)
Kaede Johan Nouvel (楓・J・ヌーベル)
Fumi Futagawa (二川二水)
Tazusa Andō (安藤鶴紗)
Mai Thi Yoshimura (吉村・Thi・梅)
Shenlin Kuo (郭 神琳)
Yujia Wang (王 雨嘉)
Miliam Hildegard von Gropius (ミリアム・ヒルデガルド・V・グロピウス)
Yuri Hitotsuyanagi (一柳結梨)

  • LG: Álfheimr (Ichiban-tai)
Soraha Amano (天野天葉)
Ena Banshōya (番匠谷依奈)
Araya Endō (遠藤亜羅椰)
Ichi Tanaka (田中壱)
Kusumi Egawa (江川樟美)
Misora Kanabako (金箱弥宙)
Akane Watanabe (渡邉茜)
Tsukushi Takasuga (高須賀月詩)
Tatsuki Mori (森辰姫)

  • LG: unaffiliated
Moyu Mashima (真島百由)

  • LG: Reginleif
Shiori Rokkaku (六角汐里)

  • LG: Shinshi-tai
Matsuri Hata (秦祀)

  • LG: Schwartz Grail
Shizu Itō (伊東閑)

  • LG: Lohengrin
Sayu Tachihara (立原紗癒)

Herensuge Girls Academy

  • LG: Hervor

Kazuha Aizawa (相澤一葉)
Ran Sasaki (佐々木藍)
Renka Iijima (飯島恋花)
Yō Hatsukano (初鹿野瑤)
Chikaru Serizawa (芹沢千香瑠)

Kamba Girls High School of Arts

  • LG: Gran Eple

Kanaho Kon (今叶星)
Takane Miyagawa (宮川高嶺)
Kureha Toki (土岐紅巴)
Akari Tamba (丹羽灯莉)
Himeka Sadamori (定盛姫歌)

Odaiba Girls School

  • LG Hrones Ness

Kiito Funada (船田純)
Ui Funada (船田初)
Asagao Fujita (藤田槿)

  • LG Heorot Saints
Momiji Tsukioka (月岡椛)
Yuzuriha Kawamura (川村楪)

Ludovico Girls Academy

  • LG: Ironside

・Raimu Lucia Kishimoto (岸本・ルチア・来夢)
・Sachie Jeanne Fukuyama (福山・ジャンヌ・幸恵)
・Yuria Francisca Kuroki (黒木・フランシスカ・百合亜)
・Seren Sophia Amamiya (天宮・ソフィア・聖恋)
・Kayo Brigitta Matsunaga (松永・ブリジッタ・佳世)

NPC, Other Characters

・Hiromi Abiko (安孫子比呂美)
Lily in Kamba Girls High. 3rd year music student.

・Miaki Michikawa (道川深顯)
Captain of the Sielulintu Girls Garden Madec Unit "Schwarzes Kreuz Madec Corps".

・Nanami Katahira (片平七海)
A schoolgirl who lost her family due to the Huge.

Lifen Wang (王 莉芬)
A Lily from the Heimskringla Trädgård Middle School in Europe. Younger sister of Yujia Wang.

・Fuuka Matsumura (松村優珂)
Captain of the Legion "Cuélebre" belonging to the Herensuge Girls Academy. Ranked second in the hierarchy.

・Mitake Makino (牧野美岳)
A Lily of the "Cuélebre".

・Noemi Nishimura (西村乃恵美)
Newly appointed head teacher at Herensuge Girls Academy, who supports Hervor.

・Yakumo Takashima (高島八雲)
The headmistress of Herensuge Girls Academy, who supports Cuélebre.

・Tomoyo Mary Nakahara (中原・メアリィ・倫夜)
Former Resident School Doctor at Odaiba Girls School.

・Haruna Yokota (横田悠夏)
A first-year student belonging to the 'Student Council Defence Team', and Takane's cousin.

The listener in each character's self-introduction story, which is conducted in the form of an interview.
Although there is no standing picture or dialogue, she is referred to as "she" or "pretty girl" and various descriptions suggest that she is a girl of the same age as the characters (perhaps a reporter for a student newspaper like Fumi).
She does not appear or mention anything other than in the self-introduction story.

In Pixiv

In Pixiv's tagging system, it is often used for works related to the game and for illustrations and novels of characters from the three schools that appear in the game's main storyline, Yurigaoka Girls Academy, Herensuge Girls Academy and Kamba Girls High School of Arts.

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