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Natsume Kyousuke

A character appearing in "Little Busters!".


BirthdayMay 4
CV.Midorikawa Hikaru
First TitleLeader Who Makes Missions Out of Everything


The founder and leader of the Little Busters. Generally speaking, he is a flawless person who can do anything, and acts as everybody's big brother, leading everyone out of turmoil. ...But then again, he's got a lot of worrying traits too, and is regularly suspected of being a siscon, lolicon, masochist, gay, and a shotacon. And even as a perfect superman, he still lets his guard down around friends, so he has a surprising number of weak points.

On the one hand, despite that he spoils Rin and Riki like an overly-proud parent, in times of trouble he tends to send them off to the frontlines, believing in their strength. But on the other, while he does push them to take care of things by themselves, he merely gives the least amount of support he can without wholly abandoning them.

In fanworks, we see the OOC (though based on his canon actions) gag!Kyousuke, serious!Kyousuke (sad!Kyousuke) in situations where he winds up all alone, the standard cool!Kyousuke, and the all-needs!Kyousuke. He's become a kind of jack-of-all-trades character who can suit any role. In addition, while he has some involvement with all characters, for romantic purposes the most common pairings are KyouRi (with Riki), then KyouKoma (with Komari).

Specifically in the case of Kyousuke/Riki, the two of them are stuck to each other like glue, and given Riki's baby face and crossdressing, the pairing is popular regardless of fans' gender.

And in regards to Komari, pairing Kyousuke with her is popular because of certain spoilers about Komari, some of their conversations, and an event in the official manga where Komari fantasizes about having a daughter named Komako and wonders who the father would be.

So, Kyousuke is a multitalented actor capable of rising to meet any fan needs. ...This is probably the fault of his voice actor.

Before the release of the non-branded version, he was called a "heroine-killer" (in terms of popularity) by the creators.

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